SCW: Tiny medieval wooden houses – nr 14


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Materialen: hout, verf, inkt, Schors, Kopspijkers

Afmetingen: Hoogte: 5 Centimeters; Breedte: 9 Centimeters; Diepte: 1.5 Centimeters


Tiny houses. A row of houses wooden in a Medieval style. These little wooden houses are inspired by many of the houses and cottages in the village where I live, Lacock. The tiny wooden houses consists of 3 tiny houses. The wooden row houses are painted white, grey and black. They have the unique Medieval timber design. The roofs of the wooden houses are left natural to expose the wood and are finished with black tacks posing as chimneys. Each of the little wooden houses have 1 painted window and a door made from bark. Cute medieval home d├ęcor. This tiny houses ornament lends itself to a unique wooden gift.

Tiny houses medieval.

3 tiny wooden houses in a row.

The little wooden houses are of Medieval style.

This wooden row of houses is made from wood.

The wood is Pine.

These little wooden houses are painted white and grey, then sanded back to look old and shabby.

The tiny wooden houses are then finished with Medieval style timber on the walls, which is hand drawn in black ink.

The roofs of the tiny houses ornament are left natural to show off the grain in the wood.

Each of the wooden houses have 1 painted window.

The windows are painted white and grey.

The doors of the little wooden houses are made from Silver Birch bark.

Each of the tiny houses have a chimney which is a black metal tack.

The medieval home decor makes unique wood decor for any room in the house.

The wooden row houses also makes a unique wooden gift for any occasion.

Made to order – Product may differ slightly.

Size : 9 cm x 5 cm x 1.5 cm approx.