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about this stone

labradorite shows you the way

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This Emotion Labradorite Silver Colored Bracelet of A Beautiful Story is made of brass, glass beads, ones labradorite gemstone and has a cotton thread with an adjustable sliding knot. The bracelet measures 16-22 centimeters.

Labradorite helps you trust your intuition, to follow your inner knowing. It invites you to look inside and reflect on what you can let go of and where you want to go, guided by the wisdom residing within you. It reminds you of the strength you have to make this all come true.

Gemstones are created by nature. Every gemstone is unique. That’s why the color of your piece of jewelry may look slightly different from the picture.

Product Number: BL30113
Color: Grey, Silver
Product Type: Bracelets
Gemstone: Labradorite
Power: Intuition
Length: 16 – 22 cm
Material: Cotton thread, Gemstone, Brass, Glass beads
Producer: Beads for Life